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Wight Energy Terms & Conditions


  1. The quotation, of which these conditions form part, is open for acceptance by the customer for a period of 28 days from the date the quotation bears, by signing and returning the quotation within the 28 day period. The quotation, these conditions and the signed acceptance shall constitute a contract legally binding on both parties. Acceptance of quoted works outside the 28 day period may be subject to increase.
  2. Wight Energy reserves the right not to commence, proceed with or complete the work until the payment to Wight Energy of the contract sum and/or any deposit that may have been required by Wight Energy in respect of the works, has been paid.
  3. Works to be carried out on a date to be agreed by Wight Energy Ltd and the customer, being no later than 3 months from the date of acceptance of the quotation. Subject to delivery of goods/materials from the manufacturer (delays may be experienced and will be advised on confirmation of acceptance of works). Exceptional circumstances may prevent works from being carried out within the required time scale.
  4. The customer shall give Wight Energy such access to the site at which works are to be executed and such possessions as is required for the proper execution and completion of the works.
  5. Wight Energy shall commence works and complete them within a reasonable time scale, but shall not be liable for any delays or breech of contract caused by circumstances beyond its control.
  6. Wight Energy reserves the right to increase the quoted price in the event of: a) the customer requiring and Wight Energy agreeing, that the works be executed other than during normal working hours (08:00hrs – 16:30hrs). b) any increase in the cost to Wight Energy of wages, goods, materials or equipment, or any increased or new imposition of tax, VAT or duty in respect of labour or materials occurring subsequent to the date of the quotation: provided always that any such increase shall be limited to the amount of the increased costs incurred by Wight Energy. c) works in addition to those detailed overleaf being required by the customer, all requests must be received on the Wight Energy Acceptance of Additional Works form, signed for by the customer and returned with any necessary deposit to Wight Energy - no additional works will commence until the form has been received and approved by the customer and Wight Energy.
  7. Where the works quoted are for a sum greater than £1000.00; or where the execution of works may take a period exceeding 14 days; or where an established payment history is not available, Wight Energy may, after any initial deposit has been received, submit at such intervals as it considers appropriate, interim accounts for payment in part of the quoted price. Upon completion of works Wight Energy will submit a final account for the whole or, where interim accounts have been paid previously by the customer, the balance, of the quoted sum.
  8. Any accounts submitted to the customer by Wight Energy shall be paid for in full by the customer not later than 14 days after the date of the account unless pre agreed. If the customer fails to do so then Wight Energy understands and will exercise the statutory right to interest under The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, if we are not paid according to our agreed credit terms.
  9. All materials and goods delivered to the customer shall remain the property of Wight Energy until the quoted amount has been paid in full. Until payment in full is received, the customer must permit Wight Energy, or their agents to enter the customer’s premises to re- possess the goods. All materials and goods delivered to the customer’s premises, whether fixed or unfixed, remain at the sole risk of the customer and in event of these materials being damaged, destroyed or stolen together with any consequential loss arising directly therefrom Wight Energy shall be entitled to a full indemnity and payment thereof, except in so far as any damage, destruction or loss is occasioned solely by the negligence of Wight Energy. When goods are delivered on site, the person accepting delivery of the goods is wholly responsible for the goods on site.
  10. Notwithstanding the previous condition 9 of these conditions, the customer shall be solely responsible for all loss or damage arising from fire, howsoever caused to the contract works, or to unfixed materials and goods on the customer’s premises for the purpose of carrying out the installation and shall indemnify Wight Energy against such loss or damage.
  11. All goods, materials and equipment not manufactured by Wight Energy, are supplied subject to the guarantees and conditions of their manufacturer or previous supplier and the liability of Wight Energy for any defect in those goods, materials and equipment shall not extend any further.
  12. Wight Energy. guarantee workmanship of any service/maintenance work for the period of 12 months from the completion invoice date of the invoice relating to the work.
  13. If Wight Energy is in breech of its obligations under this contract the damages, if any, for which Wight Energy shall be liable shall be limited to the costs of making good defects in the works and shall not include compensation for loss or profit for special loss or damage for any consequential matter whatsoever.
  14. Operational conditions are covered by full Public Liability Insurance. 
  15. All works carried out by Wight Energy  are in accordance with British Standards and Gas Council Approved Standards, all engineers are GAS SAFE and/or OFTEC and/or NAPIT registered.
  16. These Terms and Conditions are agreed and owned by Wight Energy. The Company reserves the right, freely and legally, to make any changes necessary as of right.

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