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Commercial Renewables

Wight Energy’s renewable engineers concentrate mainly on O&M works on utility scale Solar Farms across the UK.  Working direct for many EPC’s we have capacity to maintain and mobilise to all areas of the UK to meet demand.  Wight Energy will still look at other areas of Commercial renewables on request.  These include, Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal & Biomass.  For more information on these please contact our office team.

33kV Electrical Maintenance, Landscaping & Panel cleaning Solar O&M

Receiving the anticipated financial returns on a solar PV investment demands a low cost but carefully targeted ongoing electrical maintenance regime. Wight Energy have developed complete UK based Solar PV O&M competitively priced maintenance service and actively manage several multi-megawatt investor owned PV installations. Larger Solar PV Parks that we operate demand full time electrical maintenance staff to make regular preventative visits and to be on call on a permanent basis. 
Wight Energy Solar PV O&M Services
  • Preventative Maintenance- clearly documented electrical inspection reporting, frequency to suit agreed O&M obligations. Mid Voltage DC, 1st level central and distributed inverter maintenance, HV routine maintenance.
  • Corrective Maintenance- Low Voltage 1st level fault alarm response & post storm call out
  • High voltage Maintenance- High Voltage to 33kV 1st level & post storm call out (UK Senior Authorised Person's and HV Safety Policies)
  • 1st line inverter maintenance- Wight Energy's electrical staff maintain and replace inverters on site, personnel are trained directly by the manufacturer. This applies to both central and distributed units. 
  • Cleaning– panel upkeep using de-mineralised water, essential to retain good performance. Dirty panels produce up to 10% less kWh
  • Landscape management- sheep grazed or mechanical grass management, tree management, wildlife management
  • Security, Fire & Pest Control- 24/7 alarm monitoring, 15 minute response time and regular patrols
  • Spares management- storage, issue / re-order and annual stocktaking
For Overseas EPC Constructors- Wight Energy can completely administer the UK end of your Solar PV operations delivering on your EPC O&M obligations

Maintenance Pricing

24hr Emergency
Emergency number: 01983 282645 24 Hour Emergency Electrician, Plumber & Gas Engineer