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WeCover Business

WeCover your business so that you stay up-to-date with all of your certification requirements; preventing any unexpected costs in relation to your gas, plumbing, electrics or air conditioning. Giving you complete peace of mind and letting you get on with what you do best - running your business.

WeCover Business

Key Exclusions

  • All plans will be taken on after a full site survey of the property to be insured by one of our qualified engineers.
  • Plans are not inclusive of any upgrades required. these will be listed at the time of initial survey. Wight Energy will offer an upgrade payment plan for these works if required.
  • Plans do no cover any Electrical Appliances. Plans excludes the repair / replacement an extended flue.
  • Plans do not cover damage caused by sludge or hard water scale unless the plan holder has had lime scale reducer and system power flushed by Wight Energy South Coast Ltd
  • Plans do not include replacing ceramic discs in tapsunless we can replace from the limited stock our engineers carry.
  • Plans do not include stopcock and water supply pipe work to the property. Planse do not include shared drains.
  • All WeCover policies are for a 12 month term and are renewed annually. 

What Next ?

Contact us on 01983 282645 or complete the form on our website and we’ll arrange a site visit of your property. This is at no cost or obligation to you and typically takes an hour, allowing us to create a ‘blueprint’ for your home. It will also enable us to make any recommendations that with improve the efficiency or safety of your boiler and appliances. Once the survey is complete we will provide you with a fully detailed quote for your consideration.